Membership Benefits Program


Business Development Opportunities

In the medium to long term, MAIA plans to have a membership database that can be used to represent the Malaysian aerospace industry for business development opportunities. The database shall have members’ capabilities and capacity information that allows a more holistic engagement with global OEMs and Tier 1s.


Primary Channel for Government Feedback

MAIA has a close working relationship with NAICO and other relevant government agencies in providing feedback to the government on industry needs and requirements. Naturally, as the sole representative of the commercial aerospace industry in Malaysia, MAIA becomes the first point of contact for the government when it wants to reach out to the industry.


Sharing of Resources

MAIA provides a platform for industry players to share knowledge and resources for the purpose of industrial growth. For example, training and resources can be shared to develop certain skills and knowledge to upgrade the human capital requirements of the industry. This can also be applied to R&T (Research and Technology) efforts for the industry.


Connection with other Foreign Industry Associations

MAIA has started engaging with major foreign aerospace industry associations, starting with the French aerospace association GIFAS. Such foreign associations would naturally seek its counterpart association in Malaysia, which is MAIA, for any engagement. Such engagements opens possible avenues of industrial growth in Malaysia through collaborations and knowledge-sharing.