What is MAIA?

MAIA stands for Malaysia Aerospace Industry Association, is the industry association representing the commercial aerospace sector in Malaysia. It was launched in March 2016 by the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia and approved by the Registrar of Societies to operate in September 2016.  It is a platform for Malaysian aerospace industry players to champion common interests covering industrial development, promotion of the Malaysian aerospace industry, enhancing its global outreach and working with the government on policy reviews, as well as offering value added services to members amongst others.

Who is eligible for membership?

Every applicant for admission as a Member shall submit an application form. Each applicant should be a registered company based in Malaysia and either involved in the aerospace sector or supporting the aerospace sector.  In accordance with MAIA’s Constitution applications are vetted firstly by our Membership Sub-Committee and then approved by the MAIA Board.

What types of membership are available?

  • The normal membership, termed as a Corporate Membership is classified into STELLAR, AURORA or NEBULA according to the size of the applicant company.
  • Any Corporate member may be further invited to become a ORION member, which provides them with certain additional privileges as decided by the MAIA Board from time to time.
  • Applicant companies that are not eligible for membership, but have a high interest to be in the Association will be offered HORIZON membership. Such applications are subject to MAIA Board approval.

What are the MAIA membership fees?

  • For the STELLAR, AURORA and NEBULA Corporate Memberships, annual fees are RM1,500, RM6,000 and RM10,000 respectively (excluding any applicable SST).
  • ORION members pay an annual fee of RM15,000 (excluding any applicable SST).
  • HORIZON pay an annual fee of RM5,000 (excluding any applicable SST).
  • Fees are due to be paid by the end of January of each year

Who are the current members of MAIA?

MAIA currently has more than 100 members from a broad range of the aerospace industry covering all sectors including manufacturing, MRO, systems design, avionics, the drone/UAM sector, human capital development and various supporting companies. These are both local and foreign companies with many of them multi-nationals. Please refer to our members directory for further information

What does MAIA do?

  • Promotes and develops aerospace activities in Malaysia across all industry sectors.
  • Encourages growth of members in the local and international markets.
  • Represents common interests of industry players.
  • Engages regularly with the Malaysian Government acting as an advocate on behalf of its members on various policy matters.
  • Offers business development opportunities to its members.
  • Provides a voice for the Malaysian aerospace industry internationally both through its collaboration and partnerships as well as through its many promotional opportunities.

What are the advantages of being a MAIA member?

Business development opportunities – MAIA offers many business development opportunities for members. The MAIA website includes our membership directory where information on members capabilities and competencies is provided.  In addition MAIA offers many other promotion and networking opportunities, tailored dialogues and forums to encourage links with global OEMs and other major players.

Primary channel for government feedback – MAIA has a close working engagement with NAICO and other relevant government departments and agencies at a senior level in providing feedback to the Malaysian Government on industry needs and requirements. Naturally, as the sole representative of the commercial aerospace industry in Malaysia, MAIA becomes the first point of contact for the government to reach out to our sector.

Sharing resources – MAIA provides a dedicated platform for industry players to bring the community closer and share industry intelligence, knowledge and resources for the purpose of industry growth. This includes sharing of training and resources to develop specific skills and knowledge to upgrade the human capital requirements of our industry.  MAIA also offer a repository of information for members on our website covering the status of the global and regional aerospace industry, local economic data and detailed information on the loans, incentives and grants available.

Connection with other foreign aerospace industry associations – MAIA engages regularly with many major overseas aerospace industry associations across the world and these partnerships and collaborations are regularly expanding

What is the difference between MAIA and NAICO?

The National Aerospace Industry Corporation Malaysia (NAICO), is an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and is primarily responsible to spur the development of the industry’s ecosystem and ensure cohesion and coordination of initiatives implemented under the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Blueprint (MAIB) 2030 and Aerospace Industry Framework of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP).

Whilst industry development is also one of MAIA’s prime objectives our role is to act as an industry advocate, working closely with NAICO on various policies formulated by the government.

As an industry association, MAIA is not answerable to the Government, but only to its members

What activities are to be expected as a MAIA member?

Technical Sub-committees (TSC) – All issues concerning the industry starts at the TSC level. There are currently 6 TSCs namely, Manufacturing, MRO, Human Capital, Small & Medium Enterprise, Drone/UAM and Research & Technology including Systems Integration.

Seminars and Webinars – MAIA regularly conducts seminars, webinars and other forums to update members and potential members on the latest development in the aerospace industry. These events also serve as potential networking opportunities with other local and international aerospace players. In addition, MAIA engages with the local and international aerospace community in various trade shows and exhibitions.

OEM engagement sessions – MAIA organises networking sessions for the SME members to engage with major OEMs and Tier 1s to learn more about the requirements of their respective supply chains.

External industry information session – MAIA arranges information sessions for the benefit of external sectors such as for the finance and banking industry, which will in turn be beneficial to our members seeking financing arrangements. Such sessions are held to continually educate support services sectors on the aerospace industry.

How do I join MAIA as a member?

Interested membership applicants may applied through the "Join MAIA now!" tab under the "Membership" menu.  All applications will be reviewed by our Membership Sub-Committee and approved by MAIA Board.