Indonesia Aero Summit 2024

07-02-2024 9:00 AM - 07-03-2024 5:00 PM

Indonesia is the largest market with the highest growth in the aviation industry in ASEAN. The market is expected to be the world’s sixth-largest market for air transport in 2034, with 390 million passengers domestically and internationally.


The nation's aviation landscape stands as a testament to strategic growth, robust infrastructure development, and unwavering commitment to aviation excellence. The challenges become gateways to fostering collaboration, innovation, and investment, positioning Indonesia's aviation sector for a resilient and dynamic future.

In 2024, the aviation industry in Indonesia is on a path to full-recovery after facing challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the INACA White Paper, it is optimistically estimated that this year the number of passengers carried will increase to 123.6 million, surpassing the pre-pandemic 2019 figure of 116.6 million for both domestic and international travel.

The inaugural Indonesia Aero Summit aims to bring together key stakeholders, civil aviation authorities, airlines, airport operators/owners, industry experts, OEMs, MROs, aviation training schools, aircraft leasing companies, parts suppliers, equipment manufacturers, solution providers, investors, consultants, business associations, and global leaders to deliberate on crucial aspects shaping the aviation landscape amidst dynamic environmental changes. IAS 2024 endeavours to explore avenues for sustainable growth, innovation, and international collaboration


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Venue Name
Redtop Hotel & Convention Center
Venue Address
Jl. Pecenongan 72, Jakarta 10120 – Indonesia