B2Brazil 3rd Edition: Elevating Aerospace & Defense Collaborations

12-12-2023 8:00 AM - 12-12-2023 6:00 PM

B2Brazil 3rd Edition: Elevating Aerospace & Defense Collaborations on December 12, 2023


Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated third edition of B2Brazil, an exceptional matchmaking event powered by Aerospace Brazil and the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster. Building on the success of our last event, which facilitated over 70 meetings, this edition anticipates surpassing the threshold in expected business outcomes. Secure your participation and elevate your aerospace business to new heights.

Why Attend?

> High-Level Networking: B2Brazil provides a unique platform to establish valuable contacts that drive business growth and foster collaboration.
> Global Reach: Take advantage of our virtual format to showcase the capabilities of the Brazilian aerospace industry and explore new markets.
> Business Opportunities: Discover the immense potential of the

Brazilian aerospace value chain.
> Technological Innovation: Explore how Brazil is driving innovation and shaping the future of aerospace technology.
Event Highlights:
> November 22, 2023: Platform access opens for companies to
complete their registrations. We will provide a user guide to ensure a
seamless experience.
> November 29, 2023: Meeting scheduling begins. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with potential partners and schedule productive meetings.
> December 11, 2023: Meeting scheduling closes. Be sure to finalize your meeting arrangements before this deadline.
> December 12, 2023: Business matchmaking day. Engage in one on- one meetings and seize opportunities for collaboration and growth within the Brazilian aerospace industry.