Corporate Aurora

General Benefits  Additional Benefits
  • Eligible to become a Board member
  • Able to vote at all formal meetings
  • Able to join any one Technical Sub-Committee
  • Participate in networking sessions and other events
  • Obtain support from the Executive Office on various business matters
  • Able to advertise services on website and newsletter at a discounted rate
  • To enjoy access to training opportunities at favourable rates
  • Use of MAIA logo on website and other promotional literature
  • Listed on members directory with brief list of services
  • Able to list job vacancies on MAIA website
  • Discounts to attend various events and trade shows
  • Discount of 10% from current rates as a member for 6 or more continuous years of membership
  • Able to join max of  2 TSCs
  • To be part of SME TSC
  • Collaboration with MAIA for event