Business development opportunities – MAIA offers many business development opportunities for members. The MAIA website includes our membership directory where information on members capabilities and competencies is provided.  In addition MAIA offers many other promotion and networking opportunities, tailored dialogues and forums to encourage links with global OEMs and other major players.

Primary channel for government feedback – MAIA has a close working engagement with NAICO and other relevant government departments and agencies at a senior level in providing feedback to the Malaysian Government on industry needs and requirements. Naturally, as the sole representative of the commercial aerospace industry in Malaysia, MAIA becomes the first point of contact for the government to reach out to our sector.

Sharing resources – MAIA provides a dedicated platform for industry players to bring the community closer and share industry intelligence, knowledge and resources for the purpose of industry growth. This includes sharing of training and resources to develop specific skills and knowledge to upgrade the human capital requirements of our industry.  MAIA also offer a repository of information for members on our website covering the status of the global and regional aerospace industry, local economic data and detailed information on the loans, incentives and grants available.

Connection with other foreign aerospace industry associations – MAIA engages regularly with many major overseas aerospace industry associations across the world and these partnerships and collaborations are regularly expanding