Technical Sub-committees (TSC) – All issues concerning the industry starts at the TSC level. There are currently 5 TSCs namely, Manufacturing, MRO, Human Capital, Small & Medium Enterprise, Research & Technology including Systems Integration and in the near future one covering the Drone/UAM sector.

Seminars and Webinars – MAIA regularly conducts seminars, webinars and other forums to update members and potential members on the latest development in the aerospace industry. These events also serve as potential networking opportunities with other local and international aerospace players. In addition MAIA engages with the local and international aerospace community in various trade shows and exhibitions.

OEM engagement sessions – MAIA organises intimate sessions for the SME members to engage with major OEMs and Tier 1s to learn more about the requirements of their respective supply chains.

External industry information session – MAIA arranges information sessions for the benefit of external sectors such as for the finance and banking industry, which will in turn be beneficial to our members seeking financing arrangements. Such sessions are held to continually educate support services sectors on the aerospace industry.