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one of the largest exhibitions in Japan showcasing the best of the
world’s aviation, space, and defense industries.

The aerospace industry has been dramatically changed over the past few years with a great deal of expansion.
The main theme represents the future expansion and diversification of the aerospace industry, and the wish to promote the aerospace industry together.
As one of the largest international aerospace exhibitions in Japan, under this main theme, JA2024 aims to promote the robust development of the aerospace industry to both exhibitors and visitors.


The acronym of the main theme is SDGs, and this symbolizes the addition of SDGs to the exhibition, which is currently a pressing issue for the entire aerospace industry.

Three Activity Points

We have also developed three sub-themes that cover particular expanding areas in the aerospace industry and indicate the direction of JA2024.

In accordance with these sub-themes, JA2024 aims to target the exhibitors and visitors by breaking beyond the bounds of conventional exhibitions, and will add emerging fields such as decarbonization technology (SAF/hydrogen/electrification), which has gained a lot of attention in recent years, as well as Urban Air Mobility (flying cars/drones) and the space business (small satellites/space exploration).