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 Daily 3 Tier Assessments & Badge  @  SME Aerospace

Formalising regular communication with employees helps raise awareness during this pandemic. At SME Aerospace, they have established a Covid-19 task force and committee to ensure SOP compliance and a safe working environment. They have implemented daily 3 tier assessments to monitor their employees health. In addition to show the importance of vaccination, vaccinated employees are encouraged to wear “Saya telah divaksin” badge.

 PPV Center @  CTRM

The Malaysian government has initiated a number of strategies to accelerate the vaccination process. This includes converting various facilities as vaccination centres. In support of the government program CTRM Aero Composites based in Melaka has agreed for the use of their new plant extension as a PPV centre. As can be seen the public response has been very positive.

Consistent, Accurate and Actionable information. @ UMW Aerospace 

As companies seek to safeguard their employees, it is highly important to ensure the employees is receiving consistent, accurate and actionable information. Communication is an interactive process of exchange of information between employees and management in preventing Covid-19. This can be achieved through various platforms.

As an example, at UMW Aerospace to ensure up to date and accurate information, the company provides ‘Daily Net-TV” and WhatsApp channels to share daily information on the Covid-19 situation received from Malaysian National Security Council (MKN) as well as updating government SOPs. In addition, a monthly townhall is organised to encourage and ensure employees compliance.

Digital Compliance Documentation @ Aerospace Industry

The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated the need for digital documentation solutions to ensure everyone stays connected and informed whilst minimising physical contact and safe at work practices.

In ensuring industry compliance with the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI Malaysia) SOP, MAIA has developed a weekly Covid-19 Compliance Audit of members. This data is visible to the general public and can be accessed on our website

In addition MAIA members UMW Aerospace and Composite Technology Research Malaysia – CTRM issue a digital form to employees to declare both work related and their personal travel. The information gained is used to conduct risk assessment as whether to allow the specific employee to return to the plant after their travel or where required to undergo self-quarantine.

Vaccination Awareness @ UMW Aerospace

As we are all aware one of the government’s main concerns is the likelihood of Covid-19 clusters emanating from factories. To mitigate this, other than diligently adhering to government SOPs, it is important to consider additional safe working practices as well as supporting the government vaccination program initiative crucial in ensuring that ‘herd immunity’ is achieved in shortest possible time.

At UMW Aerospace their management team have led by example and taken a proactive approach towards registration and vaccination. In addition, the company organised special sessions including webinars on the Covid-19 vaccination program to raise awareness of its importance to all staff and their contractors.

Kanban Technique @ GEESM

The Japanese word “Kanban”, meaning “visual board” or a “sign”, has been used as a technique to improve process efficiency for decades. This simple yet practical solution can be adopted by industry as a means of compliance with Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI Malaysia) SOPs. At GE Engine Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd they have implemented this technique to ensure safe distancing in toilets, locker rooms, surau and smoking areas. In addition, to increase awareness amongst their employees posters are displayed around the shop floor area showing guidelines for prevention of Covid-19.

Social Distancing Compliance @ UMW Aerospace 

SOP adherence during MCO3.0 is critically important. To ensure compliance both Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI Malaysia) and Royal Malaysia Police have been carrying out random visits to many aerospace companies.  We are pleased to advise that no violations have been reported. Furthermore, the surveillance teams commended these companies for employing additional measures over and above the standard SOPs.  We have been sharing some of these practical examples in our earlier posts. At UMW Aerospace a small electronic tag has been issued to all staff and contractors reminding them to ensure social distancing compliance at all times. In addition this company has implemented a strict food takeaway and eating policy at the company’s cafeteria.

Double Face Mask Practice @ Aerospace Composite Malaysia (ACM)

Malaysian Aerospace plays a prominent role as a key and often sole source supplier into the global aerospace market. With a workforce of more than 27,000 highly skilled personnel, protecting the well-being and safety of employees is imperative. One of our manufacturers Aerospace Composites Malaysia Sdn Bhd has taken a step further in protecting their employees by practicing the use of ‘double face mask’. This is highly encouraged by Ministry Of Health, Malaysia (KKM) as it provides added protection to new Covid-19 variants.

Regular Sanitisation @ Malaysia Airports

Regular sanitisation is one of the best practices recommended by the Ministry Of Health, Malaysia (KKM) in reducing the spread of Covid-19. This is also highlighted in the latest SOP released by Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI Malaysia) and applies to all organisations approved to operate during MCO 3.0. As as essential service, the Malaysian aerospace industry has the responsibility to ensure strict implementation within all our facilities. This can be seen in the example shown where one of our members Malaysia Airports practices regular sanitisation to ensure both their customers and staff remain safe

CTRM Adopted Practices In Facilities

The Malaysian aerospace industry is a key and often sole source supplier of major products and services into the international aerospace market. Our continued operations are therefore critically important as the global aerospace industry now starts to recover.

Being an essential service, our industry has been fully supportive of government requirements enabling our continued restricted operations.  As a highly regulated and disciplined industry we recognise our responsibility in maintaining strict adherence to government SOPs as well as implementing additional measures.  This is to assure the well-being of our skilled and experienced staff and their compliance beyond the workplace.

We would like to share with you easily adopted practices where we can all play a part in controlling this pandemic.  The attached procedures undertaken by CTRM show staff practices

  • when entering the workplace,
  • use of internal QR codes at each room for contact tracing and
  • a means of staff movement control outside of work.