About the job

Position: Pilot Instructor

Job Scope:

•Design and execute training sessions that encompass the theoretical principles and practical implementation of drone technology.

•Develop training materials, ranging from presentations and multimedia content to interactive simulations. Tailor these materials to various learning styles, ensuring that trainees grasp complex concepts and techniques effectively.

•Provide hands-on support and guidance to trainees during practical exercises and live drone operations. Foster a learning environment where trainees can confidently operate drones, troubleshoot issues, and respond to real-world challenges.

•Continuously evaluate trainees’ progress throughout the training program. Implement assessment methods that gauge their mastery of hybrid drone technology, and deliver constructive feedback to help them enhance their skills further.

•Stay abreast of the latest advancements in hybrid drone technology and industry trends. Regularly update training content to reflect the most current developments, ensuring that trainees are equipped with the latest knowledge and practices.

•Collaborate with internal teams to align training content with organizational goals and industry requirements. •Proactively identify areas for improving the training program, content, and delivery methods. Implement innovative approaches to enhance the effectiveness of the training and elevate the learning experience for trainees.


•Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Aeronautics, or a related field.

•Proven experience in hybrid drone technology, including both theoretical understanding and practical operation.

•Prior experience in delivering training or instructional sessions, with a track record of effectively conveying complex technical concepts.

•Strong communication and interpersonal skills to interact with trainees, peers, and management.

•Proficiency in creating engaging training materials using multimedia tools and platforms.

•Ability to adapt to evolving technological advancements and incorporate them into training content

•Relevant certifications in drone piloting and training are a plus.

•Rcoc-B is an advantage to be trainer.

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