To those who are looking for internships, AMIC is currently looking for 2 interns who fulfill the criterias below

Job Description for Intern (IoT)
Educational Background: Computer Science/Information Technology
Internship Duration: 4 months (Minimum)

Applicants should possess following skills:
 Possess an excellent analytical and synthesis mind as well as a developed sense of
 Result-Oriented
 Independent
 Able to write technical reports.

Experience/ Technical Know-How
 Python programming
 Familiar with TensorFlow/Pytorch/Scikit learn, Pandas, and other relevant libraries related to
Machine Learning
 Use of Raspberry Pi & its interface with sensors & actuators
 Experience with Linux

 Assist in developing local area network & setup of a local server.
 Assist in the development of software architecture.
 Assist in Frontend/GUI development.
 Assist in the Machine Learning model training and testing of an Autonomous Guided Vehicle & Robotic Arm
 Conduct research on aforementioned items.
Plus points
 Ability to design using Solidworks
 Ability to slice using Cura & 3D Print.
 Have a good understanding in Mechatronics.
 Familiar with frontend development framework such as but not limited to Django, React or Angular

Those interested can email your resume to &

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