Chester Voo, CEO of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, has asked aviation companies to give a detailed description of their training programmes. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Technical personnel in the Malaysian aviation industry lack the required training, particularly in engineering, according to a safety oversight by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Its CEO, Chester Voo, has ruled their competency is not up to the mark needed in the civil aviation directive that deals with the continued airworthiness management organisation (Camo).

In CAAM’s list are 37 aircraft maintenance companies registered under Camo, which is a civil aviation organisation that schedules and controls continuing airworthiness activities on aircraft and their parts.

Voo noted that for Camo, training is the cornerstone of effective management in ensuring the personnel are well-trained and qualified to perform in an effective and efficient manner.

In a recent safety information directive seen by FMT, he said: “Without proper training, the organisation may face difficulties in achieving the required standards which may lead to unwanted events that could adversely affect the organisation or safety of the aircraft.

“It is the responsibility of Camo to ensure that the competency of all their personnel are maintained in a well-structured manner.”

He said Camo should ensure that those performing the continuing airworthiness management functions were qualified and trained to the level where the organisation’s processes, standards and compliance would meet CAAM’s requirements.

He has asked the companies listed by Camo to give a detailed description of the training programme for each employee involved in continuing airworthiness management functions.

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