LA-8 Development Program(s): LA-8 Aircraft Certification & Engineering Support.


To hold the Position of Senior Engineer – Company & Product Compliance and become a pro-active and valued member of the Company senior management team, an effective and respected lead within the LA-8 Engineering Development Team. As senior member of the Engineering Team you will be expected to fully support the Delta Industrial Sdn Bhd, programs for all aspects of development of the aircraft and associated products, equipment, documentation and operation. Engineering support will also be provided as and when required to all companies within the DELTA AEROSPACE Sdn Bhd Group. As Senior Engineer Company & Product Compliance your primary role will centred on Engineering review & support of our aircraft and associated products to achieve high standards of ‚ÄúCertification Compliance‚ÄĚ for all current and new design versions of our product AND similar high standards of Company Approval and Compliance within the requirements of national and international Aviation Authorities as required by the Company..

The role will include the participation in;

  1. Aircraft engineering review and type compliance and certification
  2. Company Initial and continued Aviation Authority Approval and Compliance
  3. Compliance assurance activities for new components and products from concept through to production standard
  4. Certification and compliance of Delta Aircraft Products to international standards
  5. Support the establishment of a fully operational Design resource, capability and environment in support of Delta Industrial Sdn Bhd and where required in support of other Delta Aerospace Group Companies
  6. Continually develop a full understanding of load, material and production requirements to ensure all engineering activities result in fully compliant solutions
  7. Liaison with Delta Aerospace Sdn Bhd group companies and where required partner facilities world-wide.
  8. Liaison with suppliers, authorities and customers.
  9. Accept and expedite general everyday management requirements of the team and company as part of this senior role.
  10. Liaison with National and International Aviation Authorities and directed by the CEO
  11. To effectively achieve this role it is expected that the employee will develop, with guidance and support from the company, the ability to work both independently and within a team on various direct and in-direct Delta Industrial engineering requirements.
  12. It is expected that engineer employees of Delta Industrial will develop specific roles and responsibilities but not loose the flexibility of working outside their preferred scope of activity.
  13. To support the company and company sales team in the marketing of the eventual range of Delta Aerospace products within various markets inclusive of the and General Aviation and Light Sports Aviation markets. This will possibly include active participation in Trade Shows and Events attended by the Delta Aerospace Marketing & Sales Team.



To be responsible, as a member of the Delta Aerospace Engineering Team, for the standard of engineering applied to the development, certification, production and in service support of the Delta Aerospace range of product. Paramount to the engineering standards of Delta Aerospace is Safety.

Delta Aerospace Engineers are expected to able to be lead by senior members of the team but also show a respectful willingness to question, assess and propose alternate means of achieving goals and high standards of operation.

To be responsible for the continued currency of all electronic and avionic products associated documentation including but not limited to, configuration, maintenance, operation and installation documentation under the guidance and direction of senior company personnel.

In fulfilling the above role the Engineer will be fully supported from both a program administration and Technical Support aspect by suitably qualified fellow team members.

All members of the Engineering team(s) will report to the DELTA INDUSTRIAL Chief Engineer or CEO.

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