GKN Aerospace has entered into a joint technology development program with GE Aviation to develop the open-fan architecture for the CFM RISE engine demonstrator program. CFM, a 50-50 joint venture of GE Aviation and Safran, launched RISE in 2021.

In a theme that unifies the approach of engine OEMs and their partners toward sustainable programs in the post-Covid environment, GE Aviation aims to contribute to the drive toward the aerospace industry’s pursuit of net-zero emissions and flight.

Based in Solihull, UK, the GKN Aerospace team is working with GE Aviation to define detailed schedules for the program, according to the company. GKN Aerospace will partner on the demonstrator program through the supply of its latest technologies, component design, and production of hardware adapted to support the program targets, as well as the validation plan for the program.

“GE Aviation and GKN Aerospace have had a relationship for more than 40 years,” said Alexander Andersson, GKN Aerospace senior v-p of programs. “Over the years we have grown our responsibility on GE engines and today we are in long-term partnerships with design authority in several programs. The next step in these partnerships is to ensure that we continue to invest in the right technologies and tailor our solutions to create the best value for our customer. Being able to enter this collaboration for the RISE program enables us to do so.”

Serving aircraft and engine OEMs, GKN provides a range of advanced aerospace systems, components, and technologies used in helicopters, fighter jets, business jets, and wide- and narrowbody commercial aircraft. It is also developing lightweight composites, additive manufacturing, innovative engine systems, and smart transparencies to help reduce emissions and weight on aircraft.

GE Aviation also manages an engine design and execution business in Trollhättan, Sweden, which contributes to the defense of Sweden and several other nations. The manufacturer holds the type certificate for the RM12 engine in the JAS 39 Gripen C/D fighter and was recently selected as a supplier for product support for the RM16 engine in the JAS 39 Gripen E.

The Swedish arm of the company specializes in cooled nozzle extensions and turbines, which are used in the Ariane 5 and 6 space launch programs. “Trollhättan’s expertise covers a wide range of engine components, from intermediate cases and compressor exhaust cases for civil and military aircraft engines to turbines and nozzles for the most advanced space rockets,” the company said.

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