Vertical Aerospace Has Sold 1,350 eVTOL Flying Taxis To Date

Sales of the all-new, all-electric aircraft have far exceeded expectations

American Airlines eVTOL
Photo: Vertical Aerospace

Sales of the Vertical Aerospace eVTOL flying taxi have taken off since the launch of the company’s VX4 model in 2020. With its first flight due in 2024, demand for the all-new aircraft is gathering momentum, with total sales exceeding expectations.

Leading the way in eVTOL technology

Vertical Aerospace (Vertical) is proving to be a true pioneer in developing all-electric aviation. It is leading the way with its revolutionary eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) air-taxi aircraft, the VX4, first unveiled in August 2020.

The VX4 is Vertical’s flagship offering for the emerging market for all-electric, commercial aircraft is the VX4. The four-passenger, one pilot VX4 is projected to have speeds up to 200mph, a range over 100 miles, to be near-silent when in flight, and with zero operating emissions and low costs per passenger-mile. The VX4, according to the company, is expected to open up advanced air mobility to a whole new market of passengers and transform how people travel, particularly in urban areas. Read more

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