Global business aircraft flight activity was up 32.6 percent from January 2021, according to Argus International’s January 2022 Aircraft Activity Report. The North American market recorded a yearly gain of 22.7 percent while Europe jumped 73.4 percent, based on TraqPak data that tracks business aircraft IFR flights.

In North America, all categories saw yearly increases of at least 20 percent with Part 135 operations leading the way at 23.2 percent. Part 91 flights followed with a 22.6 percent increase while fractional activity rose 21.1 percent.

Among aircraft types in North America, activity gains were the highest among large-cabin jets, up 39 percent from January 2021. Midsize jets recorded an improvement of 25.8 percent and light jet activity increased 22.7 percent year-over-year. Turboprops were up just 12.5 percent.

Year-over-year large-cabin activity surged 142.3 percent in Europe with midsize jets following at 68.1 percent. Light jet and turboprop activity in the continent was up 63.6 percent and 27.7 percent, respectively.

Other regions of the world recorded more than 51,000 flights in January and overall activity for the year was up 57.4 percent.Read more