Kamarul A Muhamed helms the first-ranked drone-services company in the world, Aerodyne Group. Leaving the corporate world, he founded Aerodyne in 2014 and has been the dynamic driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise in the global arena.

Originally a company that specialises in aerial imagery using drones, Aerodyne turned to providing services like 2D and 3D mapping, precision agriculture, inspection and surveillance and project monitoring, powered by innovative software. The company started incorporating artificial intelligence to enhance its processes and is now focusing on developing the next generation drone and data technology. It has a presence in 35 countries and serves clients in varied sectors such as oil and gas, telecoms, renewables and construction.

Aerodyne received funding from global investors amounting to US$38 million and is preparing to raise their Series C in the upcoming years. Today, Aerodyne employs more than 700 employees, and has carried out inspections on more than 560,000 infrastructure assets, with more than 460,000 flight operations globally.

In 2020, Kamarul was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for Malaysia, while he also won Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.

Source: https://www.tatlerasia.com/people/kamarul-a-muhamed