The German provider of business flights Air2E has ordered a fleet of the 8-seater electric aircraft eFlyer 800 from Bye Aerospace. However, a concrete number and schedule are not yet mentioned.

Air2E was founded in 2017 by businessman Norbert Werle and now operates 20 aircraft for business flights. The turboprop aircraft still run on paraffin, but the name Air2E suggests that CEO Werle has focused on the switch to electric flying from the very beginning.

With the purchase agreement now concluded – according to the announcement it is not a declaration of intent but a binding contract – Air2E wants to convert its fleet and, according to its own statements, “to be the first fully sustainable air taxi operator in Europe in a few years”. With Bye Aerospace’s e-aircraft, Werle aims to preempt air taxi services that rely on electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.Read more