A meeting with YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation took place during the afternoon of March 4th to brief chambers and associations on Malaysia’s Vaccination Program.  This was a very worthwhile session.  A presentation was given. However, this was not made available for general release.  Once it is issued we will be happy to circulate to members.  In the meantime we believe it is worthwhile to advise members of the key points so that you can advise your staff as you deem appropriate.


  1. As of March 3rd 83000 people in Malaysia have been vaccinated.
  2. Every adult is to be offered vaccination including all expats, foreign workers whether legal or otherwise.
  3. The vaccination is to be offered free to all Malaysians and residents.
  4. Target to complete the vaccination program for all Malaysians and residents is February 2022 but there are plans to speed the process to complete by the end of this year and to reach 336K vaccinations per day.
  5. Plan is to outsource vaccination to private hospitals and to GPs (total of 600 centres countrywide) as well as create large centres – Bukit Jalil stadium was mentioned.
  6. The roll out program is to be in Phases as follows:
    • Phase 1 – frontliners to be completed by May 2021
    • Phase 2 – high risk groups including those 60 and over (whether Malaysian or not) – to commence April and complete by August 2021
    • Phase 3 – all remaining adults from May 2021 to Feb 2022
    • Phase 4 – priority given to manage any outbreaks
  7. There are many ways to register – MySejahtera is preferred and if not by website or calling the numbers provided or visiting the local health centres.
  8. Digital vaccination certificate will be issued which will be IATA Travel Pass compliant.
  9. It may be possible for large companies to vaccinate as a group covering all employees with vaccinations performed at the plants.  This suggestion is being considered.
  10. Those living in urban areas will likely receive the Pfizer vaccines although no guarantee you can obtain the vaccine you prefer.
  11. Travelling interstate – restrictions will likely be lifted if you are vaccinated. Under discussion.
  12. Travelling internationally – discussions with neighbouring countries are on-going and with the IATA Travel Pass will depend on acceptance by other governments
  13. The vaccines have already been ordered to cover 110% of the total population with delivery in stages.  50% of vaccines ordered are from Pfizer with others from Astra Zeneca, China and Russia
  14. There is a plan to monitor people after vaccination to determine how long the vaccine will protect you.
  15. Although the vaccination program is voluntary, the government is concerned that as of March 2ndonly 7.2% of the population had registered  The government is therefore asking the associations/chambers to encourage members staff to register and support communication of the vaccination program.


Further to the above information MAIA plans to hold a webinar in the near future to provide further information and to respond to any concerns you may have.