Skyways Technics A/S has announced that its fully owned subsidiary Skyways Technics Asia Sdn Bhd, established in Subang, Malaysia in 2014, has successfully extended its structural repair workshops and ware- housing facilities to more than 3,000 m2. The workshops’ surface area has tripled, with the installation of additional shops for sheet metal and composite works. Furthermore, the warehouse has doubled in size, increasing the space for both owned and consigned structural components that are available for loan, exchange and out- right sale.

The components also further support operators in AOG situations. Skyways Technics Asia continues its focus on regional aircraft support and is now able to release structural repairs for all ATr in- terior, fuselage, wing, nacelle, and door items, with both EASA and CAAM certifi- cation. The scope includes sensitive com- ponents such as radomes, outboard and inboard flaps, and flight control surfaces (ailerons / elevators / rudders). Amaury Parent, regional Manager in charge of Skyways Technics Asia development, says: “This substantial capability addition is a natural step after the successful launch of our MrO operations in Malaysia two years ago – a launch that was greatly welcomed by operators, MrOs, and lessors through- out the Asia-Pacific region”. Going for- ward, the proximity and competitiveness of these unique capabilities in Asia are set to grow the level of regional support pro- vided to the Asia-Pacific aviation industry.

Skyways Technics is focused on the continued strong development and increase in workshop capabilities also as regards more aircraft types and Civil Aviation Approvals from neighbouring countries. “We have a great setup established in Malay- sia and a team of highly skilled and mo- tivated employees that we want to do so much more with”, adds regional Manager Amaury Parent. “We have a very strong relationship with and obligation towardsamazing operators and lessors throughout Asia Pacific, with whom we believe we can bring further value with an increased offer- ing of Skyways Technics Services. We really love what we do – we feel we just started and that the potential is fantastic”. Benjamin Nielsen, CEO of Skyways Technics, also strongly believes in the resurrection of the aviation industry post-Covid-19 pandemic. “Having a regional presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, we currently see that the world and demand for our services are developing in different ways, depending on the present situation and level of restrictions.

Since March 2020, the level of investment in aircraft (mainte- nance and spares) has been very low. How- ever, regardless of whether the aircraft are flying or on the ground, several mainte- nance tasks are due ref. calendar times. So even with a post-COVID start that is rela- tively slow, there is a lot of accumulated maintenance that needs to be taken care of, and Skyways Technics is ready to sup- port just that, when needed”.