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MAIA COVID Communication – 21/5/2020

Dear all,

Daily DOSH Report

For your information, all companies are required to submit their daily DOSH report via MITI new website (https://notification.miti.gov.my/login). If you have trouble to access the website, it is advisable to clear the internet cache and ensure the URL is correct.

Kindly let us know, if you have any other concern.


MAIA COVID Communication – 20/5/2020

Dear All,

Yesterday MAIA attended a meeting at MITI on your behalf to give feedback on difficulties with the current SOP’s.


Firstly the meeting was very well  represented by the Government, with many of the senior people involved including Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah himself.

Dr Hisham explained in detail the seriousness of Covid19 and also the problems that the Government is facing in the combat against it, and that Covid is here for the foreseeable future and we must get used to working around it – ‘the new normal’


Our concerns have been lodged with MITI, many of the issues were also experienced by other industries, however, a brief summary below

  • Not enough screening centres- The Government needs to prioritise,  and has had to direct the kits to the hotspots and also prioritise the construction industry due to its nature and high Covid cases in this industry
  • Will the Government bear the cost of testing – Submitted to MITI now waiting response
  • Roadblock issue (despite having MITI letter still being held at roadblock) – Submitted to MITI now waiting response
  • Financial Challenges faced by companies due to MCO – Bank Negara stated that they made available RM10 Billion ‘relief fund’ and another RM10 Billion has been made available by the banks. (please note MAIA has submitted a separate paper to MIDA / MoF on the same matter requesting a series of initiatives to support the industry
  • Specialist required to enter Malaysia for short stay (such as auditors) – Initially the response is not positive, with quarantine being the best solution, however MAIA is putting further proposals, hopefully we can see an amendment to the SOP.
  • Inconsistencies between Immigration in regards to foreign work crews (MRO) – we have raised this with MKN and are hopeful of a satisfactory solution


If you do have any more concerns please do feel free to raise them with the team who are here to support you.


Stay Safe & Best Regards,


MAIA COVID-19 Industry Task Force

MAIA COVID Communication – 12/5/2020

Dear All,



MAIA have received enquiries regarding on SOCSO implementation for a company. MAIA would like to remind you it is mandatory for your company to follow the SOP. The SOPs are there to safeguard of the company. MAIA strongly advise companies to have all employees tested (the results remain P&C to the employee but company is entitled to proper notification if the result is positive).


MAIA believed all members have identified proper plan and appropriate strategy to ensure employees comply with the SOP.


CMCO & Overseas Visitors  


For your information, the conditions under MCO has not been revised as we enter CMCO phase. As it stands today for quarantine info,  any travellers permitted to enter Malaysia during the MCO will be subject to COVID-19 testing and a mandatory fourteen-day (14 Days) quarantine. Travelers will be transported directly from the airport to a quarantine facility by Malaysian authorities. Foreign nationals, including Malaysian permanent residents and foreign diplomats, will be required to cover the costs of this quarantine, which will be a minimum of RM150/day.


For additional information on quarantine requirements and costs, please contact the Malaysian National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA). Malaysia has designated specific hospitals in each state to process suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases. MAIA has also written to MITI to request that testing is used in lieu of quarantine.


Weekly Audit


Also, MAIA would like to remind members to fill up the weekly audit. MAIA is issuing industry the weekly compliance audit to ensure companies comply with the SOP. This action is MANDATORY (please check with the respective PIC). Companies who have not yet returned the previous weekly audit date 4th – 8th May 2020, kindly do so immediately via https://forms.gle/PdwA9worVjjkwrhA8


Discounted offers for MAIA members


MAIA has received offers for our members for the following solutions that may assist you in your fight against COVID19:


  1. Sanitisation – 15% discount for MAIA members – AUMADA Energy and Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd.
  2. https://we.tl/t-eZmT1p9i4A– Contact person – Peter Jakobsen (peter@aumada.com.my) for more information.
  3. Automated Scanning – 5% discount for MAIA members – Automated temperature scanning solutions E-Health2u Sdn.Bhd.
  4. https://we.tl/t-nn1OxkGJMa– Kindly contact Kessey Tong (kessey@e-health2u.asia) for more details.


Please contact the companies directly for all enquiries.


Disclaimer – The offer forwarded by MAIA is for general informational purposes only. All information is provided in good faith, however we make no representation of any kind, and companies are advised to do their own research.


Please ensure that you communicate this, and all the communications this to your sub tier ‘essential suppliers’. Should you require further clarification kindly contact Mr. Kamal (+6013-9997825) or Mr. Shahrul (+6016-2369036) from the Executive Office. Thank you.


Stay Safe & Best Regards,


MAIA COVID-19 Industry Task Force

MAIA COVID Communication – 4/5/2020

Dear All,

A gentle reminder to companies that operate during MCO, it is a MANDATORY to comply with the SOP. MAIA is monitoring the situation closely and it is important to follow the SOP. MAIA will continue to do the weekly audit to ensure compliance from companies. SOPs are there for the good of company.


Also, MAIA would like to highlight on the latest MITI SOP released. In the latest SOP mentioned that company is able to operate with 100% workforce at one time. However, it also relies on local authority regulation whether the state is to comply with the latest SOP or previous SOP with 50% workforce. Companies are advised to check with the state government on the SOP compliance issue. All other points on the SOP are unchanged with respect to Covid-19 new normal operation.


Please ensure that you communicate this, and all the communications this to your sub tier ‘essential suppliers’. Should you require further clarification kindly contact Mr. Kamal (+6013-9997825) or Mr. Shahrul (+6016-2369036) from the Executive Office. Thank you.


Stay Safe & Best Regards,

MAIA COVID-19 Industry Task Force


MAIA COVID Communication – 29/4/2020

Dear All,


To clarify on some concerns received from companies, highlighted items as follows:


  1. Approval from MITI to operate with 100% workforce during MCO starting on 29th April 2020 . This approval is still subject to the company complying to MITI SOP that only 50% workforce on site at any one time. This may mean that you have to changes your current working practices e.g. 2 shift system, as many companies already have.


Note: Companies that received MITI approval during the MCO and would like to update (if required) the list of employees, kindly update the list via CIMS2.0 https://application.miti.gov.my/login. Fail to do so, the employee name will not show up during the QR Code scanning process.


  1. Canteen Issue on MANDATORY DOSH daily reporting question – Companies that are not applicable (e.g. No Canteen) to the question required to answer “NO”. This will not affect the company compliance with the SOP.
  2. SOCSO registration issue – MAIA currently seeking clarification from SOCSO on the downtime systems. Any update on the issue, MAIA team will disseminate the info via group Whatsapp and email.


Please ensure that you communicate this, and all the communications this to your sub tier ‘essential suppliers’. Should you require further clarification kindly contact Mr. Kamal (+6013-9997825) or Mr. Shahrul (+6016-2369036) from the Executive Office. Thank you.


Stay Safe & Best Regards,

MAIA COVID-19 Industry Task Force


MAIA COVID Communication – 28/4/2020

Dear All,


I believe most of you have received the good announcement from MITI today. In brief, MITI has allowed company that received approval to operate during MCO Phase 1,2 and 3 to:


  1. Increase workforce capacity to 100% – However, this is still subject to companny complying to MITI SOP that only 50% workforce on site at any one time.
  2. To operate without restriction hours – 24 hours operation.


Companies that have received MITI’s approval to operate do not need to apply to increase the number of workers or to operate without hours restriction.


Also, MAIA would like share answer to some concerns regarding SOCCO/PERKESO.


For your information:


  1. The screening process is MANDATORY for all employee as per stated in the MITI SOP.
  2. Company can liaise with service providers in order to request screening process at the workplace/factory.
  3. Individual that has undergone screening process and waiting for the result is allowed to attend work. However, company must ensure  compliance to MITI SOP released earlier, at all time. Any breach will cause the approval to be revoked.


Note: compliance to MITI would include asking all on site to declare if he/she is has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or in contact with anyone with Covid-19 risk.


Should you have any concern feel free to contact us. Thank you.


Stay Safe,


MAIA COVID Compliance Task Force


MAIA COVID Communication – 27/4/2020

Dear All,


Please be advised, we understand that some of you are looking for 24-hour operation approval. There will be a meeting tomorrow between MITI and Invest Selangor regarding this issue. Any update we will inform you.


Also, kindly follow Ministry of International Trade and Industry facebook page to get any update for the industry during MCO phase. The link as below:



if you have any concerns and feedback for the MAIA Covid19 team. Please do let us know. Thank you.


Stay safe and healthy.

MAIA COVID19 Compliance Task Force

MAIA COVID Communication 24/4/2020

Dear All,

Firstly, thank you to all for your timely completion of the weekly audit. The purpose of this is to ensure/ demonstrate compliance throughout our industry.

As you are aware the MCO has been extended to 12 May. However, the threat of COVID will be with us for the foreseeable future, and the ongoing implementation of the SOP’s is the new normal not only is this a requirement under your approval to work but it also safeguarding your companies business continuity as per AS9100

To clarify on Clause 14 from the MITI SOP. The designated Person In Charge (PIC) can be any of the employee/officer appointed by the company. The PIC can be other than SHO or SHC officer. The DAILY reporting system to DOSH can be access via link below:

Link: http://survey.dosh.gov.my/laporanhariancovid19/


Additionally, please find attached a list FAQ’s compiled by our legal partners Abdullah Chan that may well assist you answering some  your questions

As ever, if you have any other questions and concerns, please contact the team or ask the question via the whatsapp group, as its likely someone else may also have the same question.


Stay safe and healthy

Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force


MAIA COVID Communication – 23/4/2020

Dear All,

MAIA is issuing industry compliance weekly audit to ensure companies approved by MITI are comply with the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) as attached in the previous communication email dated 15th April 2020. Please click on the link below to direct you to the MAIA COVID-19 weekly audit page.


Link: https://forms.gle/Uryn57jLFq4Qqjd4A


This action is MANDATORY and company is require to submit the form latest by Friday (tomorrow) at 12.00 pm.


Please ensure that you communicate this, and all the communications this to your sub tier ‘essential suppliers’. Should you require further clarification kindly contact Mr. Kamal (+6013-9997825) or Mr. Shahrul (+6016-2369036) from the Executive Office. Thank you.


Stay Safe & Best Regards,


MAIA COVID-19 Industry Task Force

MAIA COVID Communication – 22/4/2020

Dear All,


Please be reminded that as per the SOP clause 9- 30  it is MANDATORY  that the following should be in a company’s self-compliance Audit

  1. Number of Employees on site – Not more than 50%
  2. Body temperature screening
  3. COVID19 symptoms screening
  4. Social distancing SOP in place
  5. Social distancing in place
  6. Employee briefings, Continuous Education, and sharing of COVID19 information
  7. Suitable PPE – (Face Mask & gloves) available to all
  8. Hand sanitizer available to all
  9. Workplace sanitization 3 X per day
  10. Emergency response SOP in place


Also you must record any COVID 19 incidents – report to authorities if necessary


Additionally, as per clause 14 of the SOP, your HSE Officer must make a one-time OSHWA (Occupational Safety and Health Workplace Assessment) report online here: http://mykkp.dosh.gov.my/ to DOSH – this is MANDATORY – can you please advise MAIA compliance team when this is completed.


MAIA will be also issuing a weekly online Audit every Thursday to ensure ongoing compliance


All of the relevant documents are provided online at the MAIA website for your convenience;



Please ensure that you communicate these, and all communications  this to your sub tier ‘essential suppliers’.


Stay Safe and Healthy

Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force

MAIA COVID Communication – 21/4/2020

Dear All,


As reported in the press and Social Media, we would like to remind you that it is MANDATORY for all foreign workers, including expatriates, to carry their passports or I-card when travelling, as per the MCO. We have had reports of workers being stopped at roadblocks. MAIA has clarified with MIDA and Immigration on the issue.


For your information, all MIDA & immigration counters are closed during the MCO period until further notice. A Company can only reapply for the foreign workers I-card only after the MCO period.  A Company is required to clarify and provide details of “suspended” employees (i.e. expired I-card etc..) to the local enforcement.


The MAIA team is here to support you round the clock, if you have any questions or encountering issues please do get in touch, or post on the WhatsApp group. Additionally, we have also uploaded all documents, SOP’s and communications to the MAIA website for your quick reference




Please ensure that you communicate these, and all communications  this to your sub tier ‘essential suppliers’.


Stay Safe and Healthy


Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force

MAIA COVID Communication – 20/4/2020

Dear All,


Many of you will by now have re-commenced operations, albeit under very different conditions than you were previously used to, or the ‘new normal’ as it being referred. On a positive note, it seems that the number of ‘active cases’ in Malaysia  is beginning to drop and I am sure this trend will continue if we all continue to cooperate as we have in recent weeks.


Compliance reporting


I would like to remind you of the following clauses extracted from the current MITI SOP for Manufacturing Sector, in regards to  reporting compliance status to Covid-19 preventive measures, to MITI and DOSH and on-site enforcement audit by the police/MOH/local council authorities:


Duty to report to DOSH:

  1. The company shall appoint one person or more as Coordinator to coordinate Covid-19 preventive steps at work premise. It is best that the Coordinator is chosen from among the registered HSE Officer, HSE Committee member or Site Safety Supervisor or registered as a practitioner with DOSH. The appointed Coordinator shall report the “compliance to operate” status to MITI and DOSH.


I understand that the report to DOSH is a one-off and thereafter the company is expected to keep a record and submit as and when required by the authorities.


Enforcement at premise:

  1. Enforcement at site:
  2. a)Approval letter shall be displayed clearly at the company/SME premise.
  3. b)PDRM/RELA/Local Council/DOSH or any officer with authority can make inspection audit at any time.
  4. c)Based on the power vested, PDRM and MOH can direct the closure of premises with immediate effect if there is any violation to the terms and    conditions stated in the approval letter (number of workers on site, social distancing, PPE, body temperature screening etc).


Important – Can you please ensure that MAIA is copied on any communication to authorities in relation to the above-all informational will be kept confidentially and used to keep track of industry compliance and effectiveness. You will also be receiving a MAIA weekly checklist summary for the same purpose.


Please ensure that you have read and understood the above, and if you have any concerns or questions, please do direct them to this office or add to the group WhatsApp chat. Please also ensure that you have communicated this to your sub tier suppliers.


Stay Safe and Healthy

Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force


Clarification on Screening – 17/4/2020


Dear All,


There has been some confusion due to what we have seen on social media in the last 24 hours – as to what measures must be carried out in relation to your obligations under your approval to work issued by MITI.


Please note that your company is required to carry out screening as per clause 17 of the MITI SOP on Manufacturing / clause 19 of the MITI General SOP (reproduced below for your reference). For those of your staff who are travelling between states to get to the work premises, please refer to clause 38 of the MITI SOP on Manufacturing / clause 37 of the MITI General SOP, which includes testing as well.


Clause 17

  1. The company should prepare temperature screening device or thermal scanner and screen for symptom of cough, sore throat or short of breath. Measurement of body temperature and screening of symptoms need to be conducted daily at the entrance of factory/premise. Safety and Health Committee must ensure trained personnel or company’s Medical Assistant is carrying out the staff body temperature and screening process. The reading for each staff should be recorded and kept for at least 3 months.


Please be aware that the above may be subject to change at any time subject to the discretion of MITI/ MOH. If you require any further information please contact this office at any time.


Please ensure that you disseminate this to your supply chain.


Stay Safe & Healthy

Dave Davies

Head of MAIA COVID Task Force



Operational readiness – 16/4/2020


Dear All,


Most of you will now have received the approval from MITI to resume operations, if you have not, then please contact this office for assistance.

Please be mindful that this is not ‘business as usual’, and you have been given approval under strict conditions- which is now the ‘new normal’


To assist you in start-up we have compiled the following guidelines;


Operational Readiness

  • Obtain the approval letter from MITI
  • Prepare YOUR Company authorisation letter and send to all staff who need to travel to work. These staff must be the same as the list previously given to MITI. It’s the company’s obligation to ensure that at any one time, no more than 50% of the workforce is authorized to be on-site as required in MITI approval letter.
  • Present MITI Authorisation letter, Company Authorisation Letter and List of all staff to nearest District Police HQ for notification – as per Clause 48 of the SOP
    •  Should not require stamping as the QR code on the MITI letter has replaced the need for the stamp
  • All staff that need to travel to work will need the following
    • Company Authorisation Letter
    • MITI Letter
    • IC / identification as given to MITI in the case of Foreign staff
  • Please ensure you have read, understood and comply with clause 37
  • Furthermore organise  a COVID19 briefing for all staff Before resuming Operations
  • Ensure all PPE is available, including Sanitizer, thermometers etc
  • If you cannot meet the requirements laid out in the SOP – do not commence operations



  • Please ensure that you have read and understood the 2 Government SOP’s  (issued by this office and on the MITI site)
  • If you have an Internal SOP, please make sure all staff  have been made aware of this and it is followed
  • You have also been given a MAIA ‘Supplementary guidance’  for your assistance


Sub Tier Suppliers

  • Have all your sub tier suppliers (as advised to MAIA) received their approval? Please note; they cannot operate under your company approval
  • Have they received and understood the SOP’s?
  • Do all your suppliers understand the strict travel protocol.
  • We advise that you write to all these suppliers and get them to acknowledge the SOP and travel protocol in writing. (if a supplier needs support please contact this office for advice if necessary)


Daily feedback

  • MAIA is committed to ensuring our industry is compliant. Later today you will receive a link to provide MAIA with the information we need to ensure compliance, please do ensure that you provide this information daily.


The MAIA COVID team are here to support you. if you or any of your suppliers have any questions or need support please do not hesitate to contact them  shahrulnizam@maia.my  and Kamal at kamal.saufi@maia.my  .


Stay Safe and Healthy

Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force


Malaysian Aerospace Industry – COVID Compliance Operations Group – 15 /4/2020


Dear All,


Firstly, I understand that many of you are now receiving your approval, which is great news for the industry. However, please remember and communicate to all your staff that is under the strict conditions laid out in the approval. – ANY BREACH WILL RESULT IN THE APPROVAL BEING REVOKED


Also, I understand that some staff were turned away at roadblocks as the approval letter was not under the current MITI format, despite the previously advising that all exemption letters would be honoured.


If you are experiencing any problems, please can you make sure that your feedback this information to the core team in order that we can investigate further.


Please be advised that permission to operate is not wholesale permission to travel.


Furthermore, you are responsible for ensuring that your essential suppliers have submitted their own applications, and are aware of the conditions in the SOP under which they must operate.


To further assist you, we have added MAIA supplementary notes as a best practice guidance to be followed.


Stay Safe and Healthy


Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force


Approval to Operate For Aerospace Industry – 11/4/2020


Dear MAIA members,

I’m sure you are all aware that the Government has announced yesterday that Aerospace has been included in the ‘Approval to Operate’. Please be advised that this is NOT a blanket approval for all companies, and companies must still apply for exemption.

The exemption must be done through MITI, via the portal (www.miti.gov.my). Industries able to apply to operate starting on Monday, 13 April 2020, 9.00am onwards.

It has been agreed at Government level that MITI will be the sole approving agency moving forward, this is to aid the frontliners (roadblocks etc) in identification. The new approvals will also include a QR code so it can be scanned, again assisting in managing the MCO- please note, whilst previous exemptions will be honoured in the interim, you will need to reapply through MITI (please use your exemption letter as part of your submission)

Please note there will be no more Lampiran A and C. All companies will be responsible for their own application. Also, for those companies that submitted a list of essential suppliers, those suppliers MUST apply for their own exemption. (You cannot apply on their behalf nor will they be able to refer to your company at roadblocks). All employees that your company requires to be exempted will need to be named individually- ie 100%.

Please help yourselves by ensuring that the application is substantial for MITI to approve. Previous applications were rejected for various reasons such as

– Incomplete application

– No Manufacturing License (ML)

– Number of workers hadn’t been submitted

– too broad description of activities

You are fully mandated to follow the SOP as concurred by NAICO and MAIA. This will be reviewed but has been submitted as part of our application for industry exemption and will be monitored by MAIA.

Please note that any breech of the exemption will result in immediate withdrawal. We will endeavour to keep you updated, and we understand a list of FAQ’s being issued by MITI will be made available soon.


On Behalf of MAIA

Dave Davies

Head of COVID19 Industry Task Force