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On their first attempt in penetrating aerospace industry in Asia, Spirit AeroSystems wholeheartedly choose Malaysia as an opportunity to expand their aerostructures tier 1 supply empire throughout the globe. Even so, Spirit is already leading the global aerostructures tier 1 supply, securing 20% of the market. Their business proven to be healthy with all of 12,500 Airbus and Boeing backlog worth $47 billion. Having a balanced aerostructures portfolio helps them to stay competitive and relevant in the industry, covering fuselage at 52%, propulsion at 26% and wing at 22%. Having established themselves in the commercial counterpart, they continue to prove their capability in Defense counterpart, through the following aircrafts:

  • Sikorsky CH-53K
  • Bell V-280
  • P-8A, P8I
  • KC-46A Tanker
  • Northrop Grumman B-21

Spirit AeroSystems Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Anticipated to occupy a central role in the development of the Malaysian aerospace industry, Spirit AeroSystems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. kicked off their business in 2008, with factory operations commenced in 2009. Initially started the operation in a 242,000 sq∙ft facility, they continue to expand their premise to 357,000 sq∙ft, growing from 450 to 850 strong.

Spirit Malaysia continues to prove their capabilities and reputation in the Asia Pacific region by securing projects from Airbus and Boeing, to this day:

  • A350 Rear End Fixed Fairing (REFF) / J Nose

    A medium-sized complexity with carbon-metallic assembly, the build commenced in August 2012 with Spirit Malaysia being the single-source supplier to the Airbus A350 aircraft, the Airbus Toulouse Final Assembly Line.

  • A320 Wing Components

    Consist of packages approximately 4 feet in size with carbon-metallic assembly, with Spirit Malaysia being the single-source supplier for the Airbus A320 series aircrafts, to UK Hub Derby then to Airbus Broughton Wing Assembly Line. 80% of the detail components are sourced from Malaysian supply chain, shipped more than 1,200 shipsets, 94 subassemblies per set. In total, till date more than 13,000 assemblies, 35 million holes have been drilled since 2009.

  • 737 Doors and Fuselage Components

    Supply to Spirit Wichita Fuselage Assembly.

  • 787 Fixed Leading Edge

    Large complex (in total approximately 200 feet in 6 modules) carbon-metallic assembly, a transfer package from Spirit Tulsa. Spirit Malaysia being the single-source supplier, the MHI Nagoya Wing Assembly.


Spirit Malaysia has been contributing to the Malaysian economic growth for more than 9 years now. Prior to its establishment, Spirit has provided employment opportunities to more than 600 Malaysians. Majority of Spirit’s employees have a minimum of technical certificate, while others with diploma and degree in engineering, aeronautical and related industries.

Spirit is serious in developing a pipeline of world-class technical talent to meet the increasing worldwide demand for highly-skilled workers through its education initiatives and investments. The company has established smart partnerships with UniKL and Admal Aviation College to expose graduates to the industries’ environment.

To address challenges in nurturing, attracting and retaining talent, Spirit continuously trains its employees in the areas of technical and non-technical courses, mostly conducted in-house. Through its vendor programmes, Spirit’s operations have not only benefitted its direct suppliers that are located in Melaka, Penang, Kedah and Selangor, but the company has actually stimulated the development of local supporting industries by providing diverse business and job opportunities to more than 80 local suppliers and 2,700 jobs respectively in the areas of composites fabrication, metal fabrication, tooling and jigs, machining, logistics and consumables. With the rise of local vendors, we expect more foreign companies to be attracted to Malaysia and avail themselves to the supply chain and ecosystem that have been created over the years.

Recently, Spirit Malaysia celebrated their manufacturing operation expansion, with the official opening of the site’s new logistics warehouse. The 50,000 sq∙ft facility will accommodate increasing volumes of assembly work on aerostructure components for commercial airliners.

The new warehouse supports their strategy of growing the Spirit Malaysia business and increasing the capacity and capability of the site and its employees. This site is at the epicentre of growth in aerospace, as well as to keep pace with the needs of OEMs, airlines and the flying public.

Officially opened by Spirit President and CEO Tom Gentile at an event with invited guests and Spirit employees, the expansion will free up other manufacturing space and improve the site’s capacity to rapidly build complex aerostructures for high-rate production programs at competitive cost.

The warehouse is adjacent to other buildings on Spirit’s campus in the Malaysia International Aerospace Centre (MIAC) at Subang. The building and its supporting infrastructure have been designed with future expansion in mind, giving the company flexibility to eventually add another 75,000 sq∙ft of warehousing space.

Spirit Malaysia aspired to continue propelling the aerospace industry in Malaysia, because as they will always tell, “it is where the flight begins”.

Source: Spirit AeroSystems, MIDA

Spirit AeroSystems designs and builds aerostructures for both commercial and defense customers. With headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, Spirit operates sites in North America, Europe and Asia. The company’s core products include fuselages, pylons, nacelles, and wing components for the world’s premier aircraft. Spirit AeroSystems focuses on affordable, innovative composite and aluminium manufacturing solutions to support customers around the globe.

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