Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Sdn Bhd

CTRM is involved in lightweight composite components, particularly in the aviation industry, for example “fan cowls” (door to engine), wing parts and so on. Its main customers are the world’s largest aero structure manufacturers — Spirit AeroSystems and UTC Aerospace Systems — and supplies the components to Airbus and Boeing. As at March 2018, it had reported a revenue of RM921.9 million.

To date, it has an order book of RM9.5 billion until 2031. It is expanding its capacity, with total investment of RM140.7 million. The new building is expected to be commissioned by end-2018, which will generate a yearly revenue contribution of about RM205 million.

Based in Batu Berendam, Melaka, it is strategically located next to Melaka International Airport.

CTRM was established in 1990, incorporated on November 20th with Ministry of Finance as its principle shareholder.

They started putting themselves into the map with the assemblies, manufacturing and technology transfer program on Eagle 150B, a two-seater composite light aircraft in 1991 from Eagle Australia. They further continued the technology transfer program on LANCAIR 4-seater light aircraft from Lancair USA in 1996.

Year 2000 marks the first aerostructure program for Airbus A300 fixed trailing edge from BAE Systems UK. Since then, they have been building reputations through new programs as follows:

  • 2001: A320 single aisle wing program by BAE Systems UK.

  • 2002: A380 design and build FLELP (Fixed Leading Edge Lower Panel) program by Airbus UK and IOFLE (Inboard Outer Fixed Leading Edge) program by Spirit Aerosystems Europe.

  • 2004: V2500 program for A320 by UTAS (UTC Aerospace Systems). V2500 thrust reverser components earned its recognition and fitted into the bestselling single aisle aircraft, A320 nacelle system.

  • 2005: A400M VTP (Vertical Tail Plane), HTP (Horizontal Tail Plane) programs by ADS (Airbus Defence & Space), MLGD (Main Landing Gears) by SONACA, NEF & FPF by Airbus UK and WTE (Wing Trailing Edge) by GKN Aerospace UK.

  • 2008: B787 IBOS program and ACR program by UTC Aerospace Systems, B737, B767 and B777 (program P1-P9) by Spirit Aerosystems USA.

With the success of the transferred program and excellence on-time delivery performance, CTRM had won the Best Supplier award from Goodrich in 2006.

CTRM’s manufacturing capabilities reputation has been popular to a point they have been offered to bid and participate in the manufacturing and supply of assembled fan cowl products, and they won the huge contracts as single-source supplier.

2009 has been a good year for them to boost up multiple new programs as follows:

  • GTF programs for Bombardier C series & MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet) by UTC Aerospace Systems.

  • B787 fan cowl program by UTC Aerospace Systems.

  • A350 ACR & fan cowl programs by UTC Aerospace Systems, J-Nose REFF (Rear End Fixed Fairing) program by Spirit Aerosystems Malaysia.

The following year continues for them:

  • 2010: A350 Droop Nose program by SONACA, IBF (Inboard Flap) OBF (Outboard Flap) program by GKN Germany.

  • 2011: EC130 (H130) first rotary aerostructure program by Airbus Helicopter.

  • 2012: A320 Sharklet program by Korean Airline.

  • 2017: E2190 / E2175 GTF fan cowl program by UTC Aerospace Systems.

CTRM invested RM93.4 million to increase their manufacturing capacity for Airbus’ A320 single-aisle and A350 aircraft. It consists of two-storey building, it is located on a 7-acre site, next to the B5 building, capable to provide 130,000 sq.ft of manufacturing area on the lower storey, offices and facilities area on the upper storey. The investment includes RM39.5 million, which goes into the building, the other RM 53.9 million goes to the capital expenditure. They are adding few major equipment including 2 additional autoclave machines, 1 unit non-destructive testing machine, 3 units of CNC machines and 1 spray paint facility.

CTRM expects to increase A320 component supply by 26% to 63 sets per month, and A350 component production increase by more than 60% to 13 sets per month. On top of that, they are working to breach the RM1 billion revenue mark by its fiscal year ending March 31st, 2019.

From a humble beginning, CTRM started out with 22 staffs back in 1997, CTRM’s commitment towards excellence and meeting with the demands of the industry has geared the company to the current of more than 2,700 workforce, with 70% of them from technical division. Understanding the current needs and demands aspires them to strive for competency and evolution in driving Malaysia’s aerospace industry to the top of the game.

Skyview of CTRM base of operation

A Centre of Excellence for Composites and Aerospace, CTRM is an indirect subsidiary of DRB-HICOM, a Malaysia leading conglomerate. They have been part of the global supply chain in composites aerostructures for major commercial and military aircrafts manufacturers in the world.

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