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Malaysian Aviation Training Academy Sdn Bhd




The aim of Malaysian Aviation Training Academy (MATA) structured program is to develop potential aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians. It is tailored to aviation personnel for their career path enhancement as well as to school-leavers as an avenue for proper professional training in order to meet the strict demands of the aviation industry. MATA professional training system will form the baseline for trainees to gain recognition as competent aviation maintenance personnel. The training provided shall meet the high standards of PART66 promulgated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and PART66 (EASA). These standards are recognized globally.



The academy dedicates 17 classrooms for the sizable number of 25 trainees per class. Thus, a complete mechanical workshop where the trainees learn and develop practical and technical skills needed to repair aircraft structures including airframe, wing, and fuselage. For engine workshop, they work on actual aircraft engines including large turbofans which we well equip with Wasp & Nimbus Turboshaft Engine, as to learn and practice engine maintenance and repair procedures. As for avionics workshop, they learn practical skills including use of avionics test equipment, avionics fault finding, repair of electronic components and circuitry. A simulation hangar for practical purposes which well equip with Skyhawk, Bulldog, and Wasp.



  • CAAM Approved Training Organisation Part 147


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