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Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn Bhd




Layang Layang Aerospace Sdn Bhd (LLA) was incorporated in 1994 by its present Managing Director, Encik Johan Poong Abdullah @ ‘Albert’ Poong, a DCA Malaysia and UKCAA qualified aircraft engineer, who had an ambition to develop a successful aviation company that would become a leading force in Malaysia’s ‘homegrown’ aviation industry.

LLA was first located in Miri, Sarawak, where a buoyant demand for General Aviation services existed in order to meet the needs of the communities of the Interior, where access by road was often not possible.

DCA Malaysia granted the Company its Air Operator Certificate No. AOC/05 in 1997 and its full category Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO) Approval Certificate No. AO/0128/06 in 2006.


Technologies and Competences

The Company presently performs several important contracts on behalf of the Government of Malaysia and is looking to reaffirm its position as a reliable and cost-effective partner in Malaysia’s aviation industry. Whilst the ompany plans to maintain its core business within ‘General Aviation’, it will actively seek new opportunities within the Offshore and Medical Aviation sectors, and will strive to achieve new expansion over the medium to long-term via ‘internal’ growth and participation with its local and international partners.


Products and Services

  • Aircraft maintenance & operation services.

  • Aircraft engineering services.

  • Aerial precision lifting & construction services.

  • Aerial survey, mapping & photography.

  • Aircraft leasing service.

  • Aviation consultancy services.

  • Aircraft mechanical & structural surveys & valuation services.


  • Emergency medical services (EMS), including day / night IFR missions.

  • Flying doctor services (FDS)

  • Ground handling services & refueling.

  • Passenger & cargo air charter.



  • CAAM Air Operator.

  • CAAM Full Category MRO Approval.


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